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How can architecture help solve a challenge your organization faces and help achieve your mission? As architects, we solve problems, but we recognize not all organizations can budget for our services. This Design Service Grant is intended to provide design assistance to local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that can benefit from the services of skilled architects and designers and that would not otherwise have the resources to retain such services. Our team is prepared to meet with selected non-profits to assess and analyze a challenge identified by their organization. 


I. PROBLEM SOLVING - To help identify a challenge and propose a solution for local non-profit organizations. 
II. EDUCATION - To raise public awareness about the value of good design in community revitalization and service efforts.
III. CONNECTION - To establish a dialogue and build connections between the non-profit community and the local architectural profession in Columbus. 


Come see the finished proposal for each project displayed at The Center for Architecture and Design throughout November! 

To view photos from the charrette on Saturday, August 23, 2014, click here.

 Be sure to watch the short video overview from the charrette day as well!


                             Overview about the project
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Wild Goose Creative | Proposal | Board

The design team will create schematic designs for the reconfiguration of the storage, kitchen, and stage. Designs need to allow WGC to be as flexible as it needs but still achieve multiple levels of security/access. Designs need to take into account required codes, phasing, landlord improvements, flexibility, marketing, and street presence.  
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WOA Wild Goose Creative

Homeport | Proposal | Board

Homeport's community, Emerald Glen, is seeking schematic design plans for an expansion of their Community Center. The Center provides numerous services and support to the Emerald Glen community, like after school programs and summer camp; however, the Center does not provide enough space to function accordingly.

We chose Homeport’s Community Center expansion because we appreciate the impact the project will have on the people of Emerald Glen. After visiting the site and seeing the children who will be impacted, we knew we had to be involved. The much needed additional space would allow Homeport to provide a safe environment for the children and a better outreach to the community.
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SID Public Services | Proposal | Board

SID’s goal is to assist local businesses in having a physical presence in downtown Columbus through a multitude of programs.  We see our partnership with SID as an excellent opportunity to re-imagine the existing fabric of Lynn and Pearl Alleys and provide the community with a more vibrant urban environment.  The Weight of Architecture program will offer us great opportunities to directly connect with the Columbus Community and show how collaborative engagement can solve problems through design and enhance the built environment.

SID Public Services has been working towards developing a retail alley at Pearl and Lynn alleys one block north of the Statehouse. City funding has been provided to improve the right of ways within the alleys, and now the need is focused on the existing stock of buildings. Our intent is to create a marketing/developer package showing both retailers and developers the great opportunity at this location. This will likely be similar but separate packages for these two audiences. We are seeking your help/expertise in retail and developer work, as well as architect and designers interested in revitilizing our downtown. 
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WOA SID Board2

Dick and Jane Project | Proposal | Board

Our involvement with the Weight of Architecture Project stems from a desire to give back by using our skill sets, training, and education to make a positive impact on the local community.  Our draw to the Dick and Jane Project lies within its unique and moving mission to empower teens through the art of song writing that are then produced into high quality tracks recorded by local professional musicians and played on the radio.  In terms of a design solution we were drawn to the open nature of the DJP’s issue, how do you give a home to a non-profit who is always on the move from school to school?

Our goal is to provide DJP with a solution and design package that they can present to raise funds for the project. Possible solutions could be but aren't limited to: a portable stage; program study for a theoretical future establishment; a mobile workshop/lab; environmental graphics for regional workshops. 
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 WOA DickJane Project




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