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Our Mission

Welcome to The American Institute of Architects

Since 1857, the AIA has represented the professional interests of America's architects. As AIA members, over 91,000 licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners express their commitment to excellence in design and livability in our nation's buildings and communities. Members adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct that assures the client, the public, and colleagues of an AIA-member architect's dedication to the highest standards in professional practice.

Founded in 1913 and celebrating our 100th anniversary, the AIA Columbus Chapter is one of the largest urban components of the American Institute of Architects in the Midwest with members from throughout the Central Ohio area - serving a 32-county area from Mansfield to Marietta and Columbus to Lancaster. We have over 600 members and afilliated members and are the largest component in Ohio. We seek to be the authoritative source for information on the built environment and to be the credible voice of the profession. 

Mission Statement

The AIA is a visionary membership organization providing advocacy, leadership, and resources to architects to design a better world.

Our community exists to help each other put our talents to work to create better places for people to live, work and play through:

  • Community - building a healthy and welcoming profession
  • Knowledge - sharing experience and wisdom
  • Advocacy - extending the influence of our profession�s values.

Our Mutual Goals Include:

  • Organizing and uniting in fellowship with members of the architectural profession.
  • Promoting the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the architectural profession.
  • Advancing the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standard of architectural education, training and practice.
  • Coordinating the profession of architecture with the building industry to insure the advancement of the living standard of people through their improved environment.
  • Working to insure the architectural profession is of ever-increasing value to society.
  • Protecting the rights and interests of our members and advocating on their behalf.

Good Design Makes a Difference

For more than 150 years, members of The American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes.

Code of Ethics

The AIA has a long history of requiring that its Members adhere to the highest ethical standards.

The AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The preamble to the AIA's Code of Ethics describes the principles upon which the Code of Ethics is based and includes a brief summary of the document. It provides that "Members of The American Institute of Architects are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence.  This Code states guidelines for the conduct of Members in fulfilling those obligations". The Code is arranged in three tiers of statements: Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct.

For more information including answers to frequently asked questions visit the AIA National website. Learn more about the high standards to which all AIA members aspire.

Past Presidents

AIA Columbus would like to thank these members for their valued time and service that they so graciously provided to the Chapter and to the profession.

2019      Yanitza Brongers-Marrero, AIA
2018      John Meegan, AIA
2017      Joe Moss, AIA
2016      David Youse, AIA
2015      Monica Wangler, AIA
2014      Jonathan Barnes, AIA
2013      John Kelleher, AIA
2012      James "Sandy" Bresler, AIA
2011      Ruth Gless, FAIA
2010      Peter Macrae, AIA
2009      Timothy Hawk, FAIA
2008      Lane Beougher, FAIA
2007      Joseph V. Pax, AIA
2006      Sandra LaFontaine, AIA
2005      David Brehm, AIA
2004      Harvey Z. Schwager, AIA
2003      Gene R. Milhoan, AIA
2002      L. Rider Brice, AIA
2001      David C. Hughes, AIA
2000      Steve Shinn, AIA
1999      Norbert Peiker, FAIA
1998      Rich Pontius, AIA
1997      John Gladden, AIA
1996      Jack Hedge, FAIA
1995      George Van Niel, AIA
1994      Dietmar O. W. Knodt, AIA
1992-93      Thomas B. Ford, AIA
1991      Tim Rini, AIA
1990      Joe Sullivan, AIA
1989      Ted Goodman, AIA
1988      Larry Browne, AIA
1987      Joel Snyder, AIA
1986      Jean Gordon, AIA
1985      Gerry Bird, AIA
1984      Harold Weithman, AIA
1983      Jack Huddle, AIA
1982      Dellas Harder, FAIA
1981      Phillip Markwood, FAIA
1980      Ray Harpham, AIA
1979      Mark Feinknopf, AIA
1978      Robert Wandel, AIA
1977      Howard Daniel Smith, AIA
1976      John Schooley, Jr., FAIA
1975      Kent Brandt, AIA
1974      Julius Blum, AIA
1973      Charles Nitschke, AIA
1972      Lynn Thomas, AIA
1971      Ted Granzow, AIA
1970      William McDonald, AIA
1969      Byron Ireland, FAIA
1968      John Albert, AIA
1967      Tom Zaugg, AIA
1966      William Liebersbach, AIA
1965      Richard Eiselt, AIA
1964      Dan Carmichael, AIA
1963      James J. Foley, FAIA
1962      Robert Myers, AIA
1961      John Seidel, AIA
1960      Noverre Musson, FAIA
1959      Loren Staker, AIA
1958      Gerald Emerich, AIA
1957      James Holroyd, FAIA
1956      Albert Tynan, AIA
1955      David Pierce, AIA
1954      John Schooley, Sr., AIA
1953      Edward Ramsey, AIA
1952      Frederick Hobbs, FAIA
1951      William E. Linch, AIA
1950      Charles Cloud, AIA
1949      Gilbert Coddington, FAIA
1948      Richard Tully, FAIA
1947      Galen Oman, AIA
1945-46      C. Curtis Inscho, AIA
1944      Raymond Goller, AIA
1943      Carl E. Meinhardt, AIA
1942      Efflo E. Eggert, AIA
1941      John Quincey Adams, AIA
1940      Edward Kromer, AIA
1939      Harry Reichard, AIA
1937-38      Kyle W. Armstrong, AIA
1935-36      Galen Oman, AIA
1933-34      Charles L. Inscho, AIA
1931-32      Wilbert Ronan, AIA
1929-30      Daniel Carmichael, AIA
1927-28      Howard Dwight Smith, FAIA
1925-26      Robert Reeves, AIA
1922-24      Wilfred Paine, AIA
1921      George Bulford, AIA
             Howard Dwight Smith, FAIA
1920      Joseph Bradford, AIA
1919      Frank Packard, FAIA
1917-18      Charles St. John Chubb, Jr., AIA
1916      Clarence Richards, AIA
1915      C. Walter Bellows, AIA
1914      Joel McCarty, AIA
1913      George Bulford, AIA
             Charles Inscho, AIA


AIA Membership

AIA is where the architecture and design communities come together to share knowledge, gain expertise, get connected and stay involved. An AIA membership connects you to this global community of over 91,000 professionals who share our passion for architecture, design, and the built environment. It also connects you to opportunities to mold the architecture profession, public policy, and practice.

Whether you're an experienced architect or emerging professional, recent graduate, sole practioner running your own practice or mentoring new architects or those seeking to become architects, architecture faculty, or those affiliated with architecture, AIA has tools and resources that support you at every staget. Get started>

Membership benefits guide


Member Benefits

American Institute of Architects Member Benefits Guide

AIA Columbus

  • Chapter's bi-weekly electronic newsletter Design Matters.
  • Discounted tickets to lectures, seminars and a wide range of committee events, both educational and social. From exhibitions to receptions, local involvement encourages fellowship and increases knowledge of professional practice issues.
  • Committees which offer opportunities to explore specific issues in architectural practice and education with like-minded members.
  • The AIA Columbus Chapter is an active advocate at the city and state levels. By participating in legislative activities, testifying in a variety of public hearings, and interfacing with key elected officials and public agencies, the Chapter brings members' concerns and suggestions about design and construction issues to the political arena.
  • Chapter's online job board, continuing education, and other reference materials.
  • AIA Columbus acts as liason between AIA/CES National and CES Records in reporting Learning Units for our Chapter programming.
  • Discounts on paper AIA Contract Documents.

AIA Ohio

  • Publications include the AIA Ohio Member Directory, the AIA Ohio newsletter, and numerous committee and issue papers.
  • Special events including legislative events, Design and Honor Awards, the State Convention, and meetings at the National convention.
  • Liaisons with allied professions and organizations.

American Institute of Architects (National)

  • Subscription to ARCHITECT, the magazine of the AIA, The Journal of Architecture (quarterly), and AIArchitect, the Institute's weekly electronic newsletter.
  • Discounts on AIA books, contracts and documents, including electronic software.
  • Business service discounts, including member discounts on long-distance phone rates, Dell computers, Airborne Express, office supplies, copiers, Hertz, Avis, National Budget and Alamo car rentals, etc.
  • Group insurance for members and their employees.
  • AIA Library and Archives, the nation's preeminent source of information about the practice and profession of architecture, is staffed with trained professionals to help members locate information. Fulfillment of book, videotape and slide loan requests, locating answers to research questions, and more extensive research services are available.
  • Nationwide public relations campaigns to increase public awareness and client recognition of the importance of architects and architecture.
  • Participation in Knowledge Communities which provide AIA members the opportunity to share and discuss issues of common concern with colleagues across the country in 22 specialized fields.
  • At the federal government level, the Institute represents the collective voice of architects by promoting new legislation, standards or regulations, or defending existing ones, in Congress and in agency offices.