Ruth Gless, FAIA Awarded AIA Ohio Mentor Award

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AIA Ohio is honored to recognize Ruth M. Gless, FAIA with an AIA Ohio Mentor Award this year.

As a creator of firm culture and a leader of professional and community advocacy organizations, Ruth M. Gless, FAIA, has always taught and mentored the community, clients, emerging architects, and fellow professionals. Ruth has been a teacher, a firm leader, a community advocate, and a mentor. Her passion for teaching and mentoring, grounded in her earlier career as a classroom teacher, has been the guiding theme of her entire professional life. She has educated community leaders, clients, and fellow professionals. She has created public outreach programs that have elevated the public’s awareness of the importance of architecture; she has taught clients to consider the impact of architecture on the community and the larger environment; and she has created mentoring and professional development programs for both young architects and seasoned professionals.

Ruth Gless is a tireless mentor. She brings an enormous amount of energy and dedication to all that she does. As Ruth says, “Once you’ve been a teacher, you can’t not teach. You’re a teacher for your whole life.” For almost forty years, Ruth Gless has been a teacher, a leader, an advocate—and, in all of those roles, a mentor. At this stage in her career, mentorship is the thing that most matters to her. Helping architects to reach their full potential is the reward, and the obligation, of a work life well lived.


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